Carl Dawson

I’m an AI Researcher, Freelance Data Scientist and newly-minted SaaS business founder. I write about technology, the internet, maths and stats, consulting, business, and just about anything else that pops into my head. I’m a fan of the Boston Celtics, and I live in Surrey, UK, with my wife.

My work

I help organisations discover the value of analytics. With my unique 1 week Deep Dive, I combine training, strategic consulting, and machine learning engineering to start leading brands on the path to meaningfully adopting AI technologies.

With over a decade in the field, I’ve built data warehouses, reports and dashboards, recommendation engines, chatbots, churn prediction systems, forecasts, credit risk scorecards, and computer vision applications - I really like helping people do smart things with data.

If you need help with a difficult data problem, get in touch.

In addition to my consulting / freelance work, I am one of the founders of UserDetective A machine learning based churn prediction and customer retention tool that helps SaaS businesses keep their customers.

My research

My research topic is natural language generation. I hope to do research that changes how people and machines interact.

While I am concerned with the potential for an AI-based global meltdown, I am more concerned with how the new advancements in machine learning accelerate the race to the bottom, and negatively impact the way people live today.

I welcome conversations on these topics, and others. Please feel free to email me.