Carl Dawson, Machine Learning Consultant
Carl Dawson

I’m trying to prevent the next AI winter. Why?

Because I want the promises of AI to become true in my lifetime.

I want machines to help us diagnose and treat fatal diseases, to make dangerous jobs obselete, to free up all of humanity to explore the top of Maslow’s pyramid.

But there are problems.

The businesses willing to invest are being short-changed by snake oil salesmen. Powerful tech companies are ignoring ethics at will. And most people can’t wrap their head around what any of this means for them.

These are the things I’m trying to fix.


I’ve been working in analytics and data science for over a decade, helping world-leading brands and startups discover, strategise, and deliver projects with machine learning at their core.

My experience has given me insight into how these endeavours succeed and how they fail.

Now I spend all my time thinking about how individuals and organisations can adopt, and excel at using, AI and machine learning technology. I help businesses with honest consulting, I help individuals by sharing my knowledge and experience, and I’m trying to help the community by pushing machine learning research forward.

Honest Consulting

Over the past decade, I’ve helped businesses of all sizes utilise the advancements in analytics to increase efficiency and create new products.

I offer 0% Snake Oil advice to companies who want to try something new.

Some of the projects I have completed include:

  • Computer vision applications in real estate, e-commerce, and the security industry
  • Chatbot development, sentiment analysis and topic modelling
  • Recommendation engines for e-commerce and content websites
  • Churn, Purchase, and Theft prediction models
  • Order, income, and time series forecasting

If your organisation is considering a new project or needs help with an existing one, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


I use my experience in data science and machine learning to teach others.

If you’re interested becoming an expert in machine learning, please check out the Machine Learning Masterclass.

I am also a frequent contributor to TowardsDataScience, one of the internet’s top data science blogs. I’m also writing a book aimed at newcomers to the field (you can find out more here).


My research topic is computer vision. I hope to do research that changes how people and machines interact.

While I am concerned with the potential for an AI-based global meltdown, I am more concerned with how the new advancements in machine learning accelerate the race to the bottom, and negatively impact the way people live today.

I welcome conversations on these topics, and others. Please feel free to email me.