Start your project the right way.

If you’re starting a new machine learning or AI project, there’s lots to think about:

  • You’ll need to come to grips with different architectures and infrastructures
  • You’ll need to recruit specialists or retrain current employees
  • You’ll need to run the project in a way that is conducive to success without breaking the bank
  • And you’ll need to ensure the safety of your data and intellectual property

If you need to quickly assess the feasibility, staffing needs, and potential risks of an analytics project, you should consider my Machine Learning Roadmap Package.


The package includes five deliverables that will help you better understand how to make your explorations into advanced analytics a success.

Here’s what the package includes:

The Change Report

Machine Learning Change Report

Through stakeholder interviews, idea generation exercises, and process mapping, we’ll discover where your organisation should start with machine learning.

The Change Report is a high-level, concept-oriented document that explains how your organisation can benefit from analytics technology by comparing the latest and greatest techniques with the processes currently in place in your business.

‘With Carl’s help we were able to implement a production ready, proof-of-concept that was crucial in getting my executive team excited about the possibilities of machine learning.’

Pat McNally, Software Engineering Manager, Multiply.

The Research Summary

Machine Learning Research Summary

Knowing which algorithm to use is tricky. With over a decade of experience in data science, I know where to look to find the most effective and cutting-edge algorithms. I also know when not to look for the newest thing and use an industry standard instead.

The Research Summary suggests and explains a few algorithms that you could use to achieve the desired goal, so that you don’t have to search around for tips and tricks.

‘Carl has been a pleasure to work with, knowledgable, proficient and effective

Farooq Ali, Account Director, PHM Group.

The Team Specification

Data Science Team Specification

Despite what most Data Scientists would have you believe, nobody can do everything. Maybe the biggest challenge of your project will be in the data engineering stage, or in presenting the results to the C-Suite. Knowing what to focus on when hiring analytics talent can be complicated.

In the Personnel Specification I will create an outline of the ideal team and a checklist for each person within it, so that your project will have the people it needs to succeed.

‘Carl is extremely knowledgable and helped us develop and deliver the solution in a timely manner

Manuel Vera, Head of Analytics, HotelSpecials.

The Project Roadmap

Machine Learning Roadmap

What are the key stages of a machine learning project? How will we take an idea or a problem and turn it into a working solution that benefits the business?

The Project Roadmap is the key deliverable in this package and highlights the specific milestones and pitfalls that you will encounter while making your machine learning product a reality. It will move step-by-step from the systems that generate the raw data, right through to where the predictions will end up.

The Risk Assessment

Will our data be safe? Is what we’re doing ethical? Can this solution or product be patented?

Machine Learning and AI is packed full of complex security and safety issues. The Risk Assessment will highlight areas for concern with the proposed project and explain how to mitigate them. By not stopping at the Roadmap, I will help ensure the safety of your data, your idea, and your staff.

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