You should never ask a ‘Can I?’ question until you’ve tried the thing you’re asking. If you’re looking for a job, asking random strangers online if you’ll be successful is a losing proposition. If they say yes, you’ve wasted time, if they say no, you’re defeated before you’ve begun.

I’m not sure what people are looking for when they seek this kind of advice. Maybe they want to be told no, they want to be let off the hook so they don’t have to try. Maybe they want to be validated. But here’s the rub - the person who told you yes isn’t going to hire you.

The people who are going to hire you are around you, speak to them directly. Tell them “this is what I do”. See what they say. Maybe they don’t want it, need it, or like it. Then you can recalibrate. You can ask them what would help them.

The classic response to these types of questions is a list. No, you’re not ready, you should learn X, get some experience with Y, work at Company Z. Where else in the world do we encounter advice like that? If you walk up to an attractive guy or girl in a bar and ask them out, they don’t say: ‘I’ll tell you what - get a haircut, buy a nicer pair of shoes, pluck your eyebrows, and then we’ll talk.’ They just say no if they don’t like you. And they say yes if they do.

Lists are never ending. There’s always some area of yourself you can improve.

Having not seen one particular person’s list of the things you should do next (which they’ve pulled out of thin air based on zero information about you) isn’t holding you back - you’re standing in your own way.

Stop asking if you can. You can if you can.