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My Most Recent Posts:

  • Stop asking for permission

    You should never ask a ‘Can I?’ question until you’ve tried the thing you’re asking. If you’re looking for a job, asking random strangers online if you’ll be successful is a losing proposition. If they say yes, you’ve wasted time, if they say no, you’re defeated before you’ve begun.

  • 3 Real Life Machine Learning Examples

    No matter if I’m speaking to a client, a student, or a distant family member, people always ask me for examples of how I’ve applied Machine Learning in the real world. It seems that even though we’re being bombarded by articles and tutorials, that some context is missing. In this article I’m going to discuss three (semi-)recent projects of mine so that you can better understand how machine learning and data science works in practice.

  • 5 Essential Machine Learning Ideas

    The last article I wrote urged people to use experimentation in order to learn data science. But for those people who need a little more concrete advice, here’s a list of 5 essential ideas that I feel will help any beginning data scientist gain intuition about what is happening when they build and deploy machine learning models.