With a decade of experience in data science, predictive analytics and machine learning, I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects for businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Automated image enhancement using computer vision techniques
  • Churn, purchase and theft propensity models
  • Recommendation engines for products and content
  • Chatbot development, sentiment analysis and topic modelling
  • Order, income, and time series forecasting

I am highly proficient with Python, R, SQL, Scikit-Learn and Tensorflow and completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Oxford, achieving a 93% average grade.



‘With Carl’s help we were able to implement a production ready, proof-of-concept that was crucial in getting my executive team excited about the possibilities of machine learning.’

Pat McNally, Software Engineering Manager, Multiply.

‘Carl has been a pleasure to work with, knowledgable, proficient and effective’

Farooq Ali, Account Director, PHM Group.

‘Carl is extremely knowledgable and helped us develop and deliver the solution in a timely manner’

Manuel Vera, Head of Analytics, HotelSpecials.